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If you want to know more about the organisation ETENfollow the link to the official websiteYou will find lots of basic information.
The European Teacher Education Network, vzw (ETEN) is a diverse non-profit network of educators from about 20 countries. Our mission is to promote a wide range of cooperation, exchange, research, and publication possibilities. We seek and cooperate with partners in education all over the globe.

This site has a double function. First of all it´s a platform for JETEN – the peer reviewed journal. But we also have ambitions to strengthen the ETEN organisation based on the aims:

  • Provide a platform to exchange knowledge and recognition of teaching and educational work at all levels;
  • Provide status, respect and inspiration for the teacher and social educator professions;
  • Provide a platform to influence development and innovation of teacher and social educator education in the member countries;
  • Learn about and promote understanding of the history, culture, values and traditions of the member countries, as expressed through teacher and social educator education;
  • Be pro-active in essential matters concerning national and international debates on education in general and teacher and social educator education in particular;
  • Promote opportunities for exchange and/or visits of individual and/or groups of students as part of their programmes of study (inclusive of teaching experience, practical training, curriculum work and research);

With this end, the association will undertake the following activities:

  •  Involve as many students as possible in exchange programmes during their studies;
  • For each member institution individually or in co-operation with other member institutions to offer at least one international student activity within ETEN, in English, each year;
  • Promote opportunities for exchange and/or visits of staff members in relation to student education, teaching, school development, curriculum development and research;
  • Involve as many staff as possible in exchange programmes each year;
  • Promote opportunities within teacher and social educator education programmes and school practice to incorporate comparative and intercultural perspectives on education;
  • Promote opportunities for cross-national and international collaboration in research and development;
  • Provide opportunities for professional staff development;
  • Disseminate the work of ETEN in a wider educational context;
  • Describe, evaluate and report all ETEN activities on the ETEN Website, in order to assure the quality of the Network.

Hopefully you will find many interpretations of these proud words here! We hope this will be a place of generosity and diversity.

Any thought about this website? Please contact Mats Olsson !
Mail: tystatankar(at)gmail.com

European Teacher Education Network, vzw
Hertogstraat 178
3001 Leuven, Belgium

ETEN Secretariat
Postal Address
European Teacher Education Network, vzw
Postbox 1000  Unit A0168
2260BA Leidschendam
the Netherlands
Tel: +31624909058, E-mail: secretary@etenonline.org

ETEN vzw is VAT exempt as a non-profit organisation under Belgian legislation
Enterprise No.   0708.961.914


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