Program Digital Conference April 23 2021

Program  digital conference April 23 2021

13,00 CET Meet and greet with the board, ECO/TIG Leaders and other delegates – Let’s do the Five Finger Presentation!
13,30 Opening speech by Mats Johnsson, ETEN president. Introduction of the ETEN board & secretary
13,45 Keynote speaker #1: Hans Henrik Hjermitslev, Denmark:
‘Professional identity’
Hans Henrik Hjemitslev will provide a glimpse on the history, function and identity of the Danish welfare professions. The presentation will focus on the development of the professional identities of public officers working in the social, educational and health sectors of the welfare state and how the establishment of this class of welfare professionals was closely connected to the building of the Danish welfare state after World War II. The identities and ethical values of the professions is associated with ideas of liberal democracy and human rights. However, since the 1980s the welfare professions have been challenged by the principles of new public management and the agenda of the so-called competitive state. Empirically, Hans focuses on Denmark while making a parallel with the history of most welfare states around the globe.
14,25 Break out rooms – discussion
Shared document – Link to form in the chat
14,40 Sum up by Hans Henrik Hjermitslev
14,50 Coffee Break
15,00 TIG meeting. Links to separate TIG meetings. To be completed!
16,30 Keynote speaker #2 Helle Marie Skovbjerg, Denmark: ´Playful Learning in Higher education – a need for new concepts´

Based on the research project Playful Learning Research Extension this presentation will explore the concept of “play qualities” as a way to conceptualize play practices in higher education. The exploration of the concept will have two foci: First, play qualities are related to the acting, which means specific doings in learning processes. Second, those qualities are always qualities to somebody who are involved in the doings in learning processes. With the concept of play qualities as a way to design and understand play pedagogy within higher education, the potential of not polarize play and learning in unfruitful way is present, just as the possibility of creating a vocabulary which makes sense to the practices, which we want to design for and develop in higher education.Reading tip Play book2

17,00 Discussion – breakout rooms
17,15 Conference teaser 2022 – Coventry University
17,25 Virtual Room Reception with local house wines, beers and soft drinks –  ETEN sing along
17,30 The end – or just keep going!

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