Welcome to Kristianstad 20-22 September 2023

The September meeting this year will be at Kristianstad University. Kristianstad is situated in the south of Sweden, close to Denmark and Copenhagen.

Link to Registration.

Link to all posts about Kristianstad.

The ECO/TIG-meeting will take place 20-22 September 2023. If you have any question right away, please contact pia.thornberg@hkr.se

In connection with the meeting, we will organize an International week, September 18-21 where we welcome you and your colleagues to join us. Read more about our International week here https://www.hkr.se/

Text from Registration form:

Dear ECOs and TIG-leaders and co-TIG-leaders!
Welcome to ETEN September 2023 meeting in Kristianstad
Dates: September 20 to 22
Registration deadline: September 4
Registration fee: EUR 213,-
Registration fee + social activity (Friday afternoon): EUR 240,-

The offered Social activity:
The Big Safari Boat  https://safaribaten.se/en/big-safari-boat/

Conference fee should be paid before September 4,  2023 by bank transfer:
Beneficiary: Kristianstad University
VAT number: SE202100319501
Bank: Danske bank, Norrmalmstorg 1, 111 46 STOCKHOLM
Account number SE18 1200 0000 0128 1010 9087
Payment purpose (obligatory!): ETEN meeting 2023, Participant Name, Surname, Country.
If you have any questions about payment, please contact Elisabet Pettersson elisabet.pettersson@hkr.se 

If you have other questions, please contact pia.thornberg@hkr.se

Venue: Kristianstad University, Elmetorpsvägen 15, Kristianstad (SWEDEN)  

Travel tips:

  • Take a train or a flight to Copenhagen
  • From Copenhagen you take the train to Kristianstad C, 1,5-2 hours
  • From Kristanstad C you can take the bus (4) to the University (10 min) or walk (30 min)

Accommodation suggestions:

Close to the Station

If you want to stay by the sea in Åhus (20 km outside Kristianstad)

Please let us know if you need any documents or confirmation from our side – contact our International Relations, Marie Ekström Gunnarsson marie.g.ekstrom@hkr.se

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