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Hopefully we could use the discussion function in this post for fast information.

If you have a question or an advice – please comment below!

This is a link to a password protected page/folder where we can share pictures and stuff from the conference. If you don´t have the password – please contact the secretary.

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  1. Don’t miss the old town!


  2. The Sbahn S2 (dir, Feucht) takes 6 Minutes from Hauptnahnhof to Station Dutzendteich. From there ist is in less than 5 min walkiing to the venue.
    Alternative: You can also take tram 8 (dir. Dokuzentrum) outside the main train station and it goes to Dokuzentrum (10 min) and there simply changes it`s number to line 6. You do NOT gett of the tram buy stay onboard (wait 5 min) and then two minutes later you get off at Fliegerstrasse. total travel time: 17 minutes.

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  1. Instructions for sharing – ETEN Journal

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