The history of ETEN #7

In addition to exchanging students, ETEN also looked for a way to share knowledge within the network. The way to do this was to exchange written articles. In the period from 2001 to 2007 Doug Springate and Neil Hall from… Read More ›

The history of ETEN #6

If we mention 9/11, or Helsinki everybody in the ETEN family knows where it’s about. Memories, emotions and all the stories connected to these historical moments will pop up. Within a few years, or probably even more early the word… Read More ›

The history of ETEN #5

During one of the Exchange Co-ordinators (ECO) meetings in the early 1990s, Carl-Jørgen Bindslev, Chair of the Board of ETEN at that time, and some other participants decided that the network should be organised in a different way in order… Read More ›

The history of ETEN #4

The beginningHis first meeting with ETEN was in Copenhagen in 1994, at his own Højvangseminariet where he was the Dean. Associate Professor Astrid Sødring Jensen had been contacted by her colleague from Viborgseminariet in Denmark, Inger Bentsen, who had asked… Read More ›

The history of ETEN #1

The plan is to present the different chapters of the book in a serie of separate posts during the summer, but we believe some of you just can’t wait. First of all I’d like to thank the editorial team! Great… Read More ›