A TIG is a Thematic Interest Group.

TIG-leaders in Nürnberg 2023

At the anual ETEN conference in April the content evolves around the TIGs. For two inspiring days the participants of the conference are exchanging academic presentations and engaging workshops within the themes of the TIGs.

Presently, there are 11 TIGs, and each TIG is led by a TIG leader and a co-TIG leader. In January an official ‘call for papers and presentations’ is uploaded on our platform.

We encourage the conference participants to find the TIG which is most relevant to their research and teaching practice. And we encourage all participant to send in proposal for presentations.

If you have questions regarding the TIG please contact the TIG leader.

When you sign up for a TIG in your conference registration you automatically become a TIG member. If you return for the TIG at the following conferences you are still a TIG member. Remember to make a note of your TIG selection during the registration process.

Colleagues from the same institution do not need to attend the same TIG. 

Click here for more details about our Annual Conferences.

Some documents for TIG leaders:

How to Start a New TIG
Presently, ETEN has 11 TIGs (Thematic Interest Groups). These are the groups by which we organize our April conferences, and 1-2 representatives from each TIG (i.e., TIG Leaders) are expected to attend each September ECO/TIG Leader meeting.

If you would like to start a new TIG, please follow the instructions below. All proposals are subject to approval by the ETEN Board, ECOs, and other TIG Leaders.
Instructions for Starting a New Thematic Interest Group:

  1. If you want to start a new TIG, first look at the descriptions of the existing TIGs. Your proposed TIG should not overlap with another TIG.
  2. If you are closely related to an existing TIG, contact the TIG Leader to form a subgroup or do a presentation in the TIG. In some cases, it is more effective to have a “sub-TIG” than to form a new, stand-alone TIG.
  3. Read the responsibilities of a TIG Leader in the statutes. (CLICK HERE and scroll to 4.3)
  4. Fill in the template of the new TIG. (CLICK HERE to download an editable Word version)
    (NOTE: Be thoughtful about the title and description of the TIG: make the title as clear as possible and clearly state the thematic interest and what you want to discuss in the new TIG that is not already being discussed.)
  5. Submit the proposal to the Board.
  6. Present the proposed TIG at the next ECO-TIG Leader meeting in September.
  7. The Board, ECOs, and TIG Leaders will vote on whether to accept the proposed new TIG.
  8. If the TIG is accepted, it can start meeting at the next annual conference and information about it will be added to this Web site.

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