Conferences – Meetings

Upcoming meetings (Sept. for ECOs and TIG Leaders only):

2021: September 23-25 September, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
2022: April 21-23 KPH Vienna / Krems, Austria
2022: September Liepaja University, Liepaja, Latvia
2023: April still to be decided
2023: September still to be decided
2024: April still to be decided

Would your institution like to host? Please contact the Board.
The location of each April Thematic Interest Group (“TIG”) Conference changes annually. Below is a list of some of our recent locations, their sponsoring member institutions, and the Conference Themes.

Previous Conferences

2021: Due to COVID-19 ECO/TIG meeting on-line (ZOOM) April 23d,

2020: Due to COVID-19 ECO/TIG meeting on-line (ZOOM) April 23d,

2019: Vic, Spain – University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia (THEME: “Innovation in education. Where are we going?”)

2018: Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (THEME: “Diversity as Resource”)

2017: Gothenburg, Sweden – University of Gothenburg​ (THEME: “Building Bridges”)

2016:  Setúbal, Portugal – Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal (THEME: “Education in Context”)

2015: Copenhagen, Denmark – University College, UCC (THEME: “Experiential Learning”)

2014: Leipzig, Germany – The University of Leipzig (THEME: “Bildung”)

2013: Hasselt, Belgium – Limburg Catholic University                       College ​(THEME: “Education Designed for All”)

2012: Coimbra, Portugal – University of Coimbra (THEME: “Education: Key Competences for the future”)

For previous years, please contact the ETEN Secretary.

Previous September meetings

2021 Brno Masaryk university
2020: Due to COVID-19, ZOOM meeting
2019: Zurich/Switzerland (PHS Zurich)
2018: Indianapolis/Muncie, Indiana USA (Ball State University)
2017: Antwerp, Belgium (Artesis Plantijn University College /Karel De Grote Hogeschool)
2016: Newcastle, United Kingdom (Northumbria University)
2015: Mondragon, Spain (Mondragon University)
2014: Izmir, Turkey (Ege University)
2013: The Hague/Delft, The Netherlands (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)
2012: Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. (Texas Christian University and Trinity Valley School)
2011: Gothenburg, Sweden (University of Gothenburg).

Zürich 2019 – ECOs and TIG leader meeting
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