This is where I like to climb. Do you want me to show you? Children’s favourite places in the kindergarten outdoor playground – by Anikke Hagen and Hilde Nancy Skaug

KeywordsOutdoor playground, children’s perspectives, favourite play spaces, materiality, affordance. AbstractThe study investigates children’s view on preferred play spaces and what to play in the kindergarten’s outdoor playground. Walking alongside was carried out with 128 5-to 6-years old children in kindergartens… Read More ›

PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS PERFORMANCE IN GEOMETRY IN THE COLLEGES OF EDUCATION, GHANA  – by Puotier Zutaah, Marguerite Khakasa Miheso-O’Connor and Samson Rosana Ondigi

KeywordsMathematics, Geometry, pre-service teacher Abstract Studies indicate that geometry enables pre-service teachers to link mapping objects in the classroom to real-life situations. Additionally, studies indicated that the proficiency development of the participants is a challenge. The study investigated participants’ performance in… Read More ›