Mathematics Education

PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS PERFORMANCE IN GEOMETRY IN THE COLLEGES OF EDUCATION, GHANA  – by Puotier Zutaah, Marguerite Khakasa Miheso-O’Connor and Samson Rosana Ondigi

KeywordsMathematics, Geometry, pre-service teacher Abstract Studies indicate that geometry enables pre-service teachers to link mapping objects in the classroom to real-life situations. Additionally, studies indicated that the proficiency development of the participants is a challenge. The study investigated participants’ performance in… Read More ›

The Math TIG

We would like to bring the Mathematics Education TIG to your attention, as we would like to welcome more participants. Maths is such an important future skill, in a world full of data. Maybe you have maths colleageas who like… Read More ›

TIG: Mathematics education

15:00 Challenging creativity in mathematics class with 1st and 6th gradersPaulo Miranda & Ema Mamede15:20 Learning outcomesJacqueline Sijbrandij – Blok15:40 Developing Number Sense – an experience in kindergartenGabriela Gonçalves & Ema Mamede15:50 Young children’s perception of spatial relationsFilipa Balinha16:10 Mathematics… Read More ›