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We would like to bring the Mathematics Education TIG to your attention, as we would like to welcome more participants. Maths is such an important future skill, in a world full of data. Maybe you have maths colleageas who like… Read More ›

TIG: Mathematics education

15:00 Challenging creativity in mathematics class with 1st and 6th gradersPaulo Miranda & Ema Mamede15:20 Learning outcomesJacqueline Sijbrandij – Blok15:40 Developing Number Sense – an experience in kindergartenGabriela Gonçalves & Ema Mamede15:50 Young children’s perception of spatial relationsFilipa Balinha16:10 Mathematics… Read More ›

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Young children representing data

Joana Ribeiro, Ema Mamede Abstract The study aimed to understand young children’s ideas (4-6-year-olds, N=24) when collecting, organizing and representing data. It focuses on: 1) How do children understand data collection and organization? 2) What sort of difficulties do children… Read More ›