The Math TIG

We would like to bring the Mathematics Education TIG to your attention, as we would like to welcome more participants. Maths is such an important future skill, in a world full of data. Maybe you have maths colleageas who like to participate in our TIG. We want to exchange ideas and knowledge through presentations, discussions and workshops. We very much look forward to new participants in Vienna 2022!
Kind regards,

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Ema Mamede and Jacqueline Sijbrandij

Jacqueline Sijbrandij – Blok
Docent rekenen, wiskundeLeercoach flexVoorzitter toets expert groep
Aanwezig: dinsdag (meestal), woensdag en donderdagkamer D2.038

Hogeschool Leiden, Cluster Educatie
Zernikedreef 11, Postbus 382, 2300 AJ Leiden
+31 (0)6-48133831

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