TIG: Mathematics education

15:00 Challenging creativity in mathematics class with 1st and 6th graders
Paulo Miranda & Ema Mamede
15:20 Learning outcomes
Jacqueline Sijbrandij – Blok
15:40 Developing Number Sense – an experience in kindergarten
Gabriela Gonçalves & Ema Mamede
15:50 Young children’s perception of spatial relations
Filipa Balinha
16:10 Mathematics and other subjects – the power of curricular articulation
Florbela Soutinho

 TIG link: 


ID da reunião: 830 9546 1158 

Senha de acesso: 555798 

TIG leaders:
Ema Mamede & Jacqueline Sijbrandij – Blok
emamede@ie.uminho.pt & blok.j@hsleiden.nl

Categories: 2021 Digital conference, Conferences, Mathematics Education

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