Mathematics and other subjects. The power of curriculum articulation – by Florbela Soutinho and Ema Mamede


Mathematics; curriculum articulation; teaching practices; preschool; primary school

In Portugal, the latest changes in the curriculum point to the adoption of new pedagogical practices, where the curriculum is assumed as a whole, articulated with a view to the development of the student as a citizen capable of facing the challenges of this century. Societies have changed and education has to adapt in order to respond to the demands of its audience. If we think that what distinguishes societies today is their level of development, increasingly linked to reasoning and problem-solving skills, we place mathematics at the center of competences. Now, the new curriculum assumes that each curricular area can be complementary to others, with an interconnection and articulation between them. Interdisciplinarity requires that teachers reflect on their practices and adopt new ways of organizing activities. Thus, and because problem solving, mathematical reasoning and mathematical communication unequivocally contribute to forming mathematically competent, critical and participative citizens in democratic societies, it is important to reflect on the role of mathematics in what is understood as curricular articulation. Can mathematics be articulated with any other subject area? This communication intends to show practices of curricular articulation of mathematics with other curricular areas, at the level of pre-school and the primary school. In a context of training action, teachers and educators were challenged to develop activities where the articulation of mathematics with other areas of the curriculum was effective.


Florbela Soutinho, University of Minho, CIEC, Braga, Portugal

Ema Mamede, University of Minho, CIEC, Braga, Portugal

Categories: 2023, Articles - JETEN, Mathematics Education

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