Articles – JETEN

A powerful affinity  in on-going singular(s)  process. Sharing artistic practices in training teachers – by Luc Dall’Armellina, Samira Jamouchi, and Kerttuli Saajoranta 

KeywordsArtistic workshop, collaborative process, friendship/friendliness, international contexts, subjects-yet-to-come. AbstractIn this article, we question and reflect on our collaborative work and research throughout our participation at several European Teacher Education Network (ETEN) conferences. We present four workshops we designed and conducted… Read More ›

‘A day in the life’: Supporting trainee teachers in finding the ‘Keys to inclusion’ though a case study of one mainstream school’s inclusion of a child on the autism spectrum – by Lucy Barker

Key wordsInclusion, special educational needs, trainee teachers, autism, collaboration.  AbstractSuccessful inclusion of students with autism in mainstream schools means a degree of challenge for trainee teachers which may require additional supports (Crossland and Dunlap, 2012). Therefore, there is a need… Read More ›

Are trans-national Professional Development Programmes doomed to fail to influence student outcomes? by Karen Hudson, David Littlefair and Joanne Clifford-Swan

Abstract Trans-national education is increasing (Mahony, 2014) and with regard to professional development for teachers, is an important aspect of upskilling teachers to deliver high quality learning experiences for their pupils. This paper is concerned with Trans-national Professional Development delivered… Read More ›