ITERS and ECERS as tools for developing quality in physical activity and science in ECEC – by Karen Marie Eid Kaarby and Cato Tandberg

Physical education, Science education, ITERS-R /ECERS-R, ECEC teachers

In this article we discuss how ITERS – R and ECERS- R used on item level can contribute to a budding science and physical education in the Early childhood education and care programs, ECEC. We use data from ITERS and ECERS done within the project of GoBaN, searching for Quality in Norwegian kindergarten. From our point of view there are no established “Fachdidaktik” in ECEC programs for the subject’s physical education and science education, both indoors and outdoors, and we seek to begin this, by finding some core elements of its potential content.

About the authors:
Karen Marie Eid Kaarby, Oslo Met, Norway
Cato Tandberg, Inland University of applied sciences, Hamar, Norway

Categories: 2023, Articles - JETEN

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