The history of ETEN #6

Page 69-84

If we mention 9/11, or Helsinki everybody in the ETEN family knows where it’s about. Memories, emotions and all the stories connected to these historical moments will pop up. Within a few years, or probably even more early the word Corona will be added to this ‘calamity list’.
These worldwide situations that had a huge impact in so many different ways,
are connected to ETEN because of the dates of these disasters. The drama of 9/11 happened in 2001, in the same week when there was the ECO /TIG-leader meeting at Højvang, Copenhagen, Denmark. The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano on Iceland was in April 2010 during the Annual Conference in Helsinki, Finland.
When compiling the publication ‘The History of ETEN’, we quickly agreed that the stories surrounding these calamities should not be missing. These situations with all that came with it, is also a part of ETEN. These stories prove that those who inadvertently came into contact with these calamities in the context or ETEN are flexible in every situation, can organise well, work together, take care of each other and always find a way to arrange transport home. In addition, we also got to know each other in a different situation and we learned how and why people act the way they act and need what they need. In a way, we gained more insight into what it is like for our students that we exchange internationally to get into an unexpected situation and what they can learn from it

Read the entire story in the book! Page 69-84

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