The eight volume of JETEN is based on papers initially presented and discussed at the
22nd Annual ETEN Conference organized in Coimbra, Portugal in April 2012. The
theme of this conference was ‘Education: Key Competences for the Future’.
The articles communicated in this theme issue reflect important topics and issues
that surround education in the 21st century. They add to our present day understanding
in defining and promoting key competences that education needs to address in order
to help our students and teachers learn and flourish in times of dynamic social,
economic and technologial change. These texts also demonstrate the quality of
research that go on in various ETEN institutions. The articles have gone through a
careful peer review process. All the manuscripts submitted to JETEN have been
evaluated by two or three referees, who have thoughtfully read the texts and provided
constructive feedback on them.
We are very proud of JETEN because of its rich and diverse themes as well as
because of its practical and scientific importance. It has been a great priviledge to
work for JETEN during the past six years and to witness its developments. There are
also many opportunities ahead, such as creating an electronic submission,
management and publication system for JETEN. This is likely to strenghten and
professionalise the position of JETEN, and to advance the communication of the
research work to wider audiences. In midst of these new transitions and
developments, we feel that it is now time for us to step aside from our role as editors
of the journal and offer a place for a new leadership that continues this important
work. We hope that JETEN will continue to systematically strengthen its role as a
valued and widely read research publication that shapes the professional learning
contexts of teachers and social educators as well as promotes educational research
during the coming years.
Finally, we would like to present our sincere thanks to the all the authors of the
articles of JETEN. At the same time, we would like to acknowledge the work of our
editorial board members and professional referees whose comments and insights on
the article manuscripts have contributed to the scientific quality of JETEN. We look
forward to learning more about the research and development work that goes on in
ETEN also in the future.
Kristiina Kumpulainen, PhD Auli Toom, PhD
Professor Adjunct Professor
Department of Teacher Education Faculty of Behavioural Sciences
University of Helsinki University of Helsinki
Helsinki, FINLAND Helsinki, FINLAND

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