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  1. PXL University of Applied Sciences & Arts – BELGIUM
    Faculty of Education

    Thinglink overview
    http://tinyurl.com/ETEN-PXL or https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1430986900126040065

    General website

    Specific program for Education

    Click to access broch_pxleducation.pdf

    More information about the exchange courses for education (description of the courses in depth)

    Click to access ects_pxleducation.pdf


  2. Mondragon University.

    Exchange Programmes in English:

    Your students and colleagues are most welcome.

    Thank you



  3. Kristianstad University – Sweden

    Link to our courses taught in english

    At the moment we unfortunately only offers option 2.

    We plan to start this new courses, spring 2023.
    • Teaching English to young learners 7,5 credits
    • Subject integration and aesthetic learning processes (Technology and aesthetics) 7,5 credits
    • Teacher-supervised placement for Primary Teachers 7,5 hp
    • Core Education course for Primary Teachers – Education and social, 7,5 credits.

    We would love to welcome you and/or your students

    All the best


    • Hi again

      Yesterday I found out that we offer this new courses, fall 2022. It is a full semester that adress pre-school. The information is not yet on our website. But soon 🙂

      Perspective on teaching and education in Swedish preschool
      15 credits
      Period 1-4

      Teacher-supervised Placement in preschool
      7,5 credits
      Period 3

      Pedagogical Diversity, Natural Science and Aesthetics in the Meeting with all Children in Early Years
      7,5 credits
      Period 2


  4. Hi everyone,
    I hope you are all doing great !
    I don’t remember wich oy your university proposes a formation in higher education based on problem solving situations. Some colleague of mine who is a researcher would be interested in having such contact.
    Thanks for your help !
    And if this demand is not right, just tell me.
    Best Regards.
    Jennifer Connan from Inspé de l’académie de Versailles, France


    • Hi Jennifer
      I think our project work could be seen as project solving, or perhaps it is not really what your colleague is looking for? Maybe he/she could check the webpages of our international programmes (see my post here below)? Always welcome to contact me about it!
      Kind regards
      Bie from AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp, Belgium

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  5. AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp, Belgium

    Each semester we offer your students a full-time programme in English, focusing on interdisciplinary project work:
    – Community Engaged Learning semester in Autumn: https://www.ap.be/international/cel
    – European Project Semester in Spring: https://www.ap.be/international/eps

    Teaching staff is most welcome during our international week, from November 16 – November 19, 2021.

    Feel free to contact Bie Dirkx (bie.dirkx@ap.be) in case of questions or remarks.


    • Thank you Bie !

      I will forward the information, no doubt !

      But I was remembering another kind of educational programme, based not on teaching and knowledge but on considering problematic situations as a start.

      A doctoral researcher in our University (CY, the University our Inspé is integrated in) who is also a beneficiary at Eutopia, is working on teaching technics from the same point of view.

      I actually don’t remember the name and university of our colleage who presented such programme last saturday in Brno… Anyone ?

      Thx for your help !



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