Decolonizing the higher education curricula: A global north and south perspective


You are cordially invited to take part in a special webinar on current approaches towards decolonizing the university curricula from a global north and south perspective. The webinar aims to unpack perspectives of what the decolonization of the curricula means to the Belgian and South African higher education contexts. The colloquium further focuses specifically on exploring current pedagogical approaches concerning decolonizing the university curricula in higher education: how could we work with students in decolonizing our current practices, and why? What matters in decolonizing higher education teaching and learning? How can we address instances of cognitive damage through psychological and structural violence? 


This webinar will be in English. After registration you will immediately receive a confirmation and Zoomlink per email.

Centre of expertise Education & Development, Research & Expertise UC Leuven-LimburgIn collaboration with

Faculty of Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa

Categories: Internationalisation, Invitations, News

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