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  1. Great meeting this morning.

    Many practical ideas for adapting the Eten onferences to the new times.

    For example having online PreConferences before meetings


  2. Tig meeting

    – on thursday organize an meeting with tigs and (New) participants and welcome Everyone and maybe tigs can mangel and discuss general topics with the participants.
    – Can we skip the Keynote on thursday and do activities to know each other, to know what ETEN is and know what TIGS are and to motivate why we are teachers educaters
    – A template with activities that focus on the intercultural competence for the september meeting


  3. Ideas for September-meeting for the tigs ( change the template)

    – teach in the country
    – visiting schools
    – contact with colleagues
    – visiting universities/ departements ( link to the tigs)
    – preparing the april meeting ( activities to welcome participants in april)
    – evaluation the april meeting
    – discuss how to help tigs that have not much participants: can we combine tigs in april
    – making a Newsletter for our collegeas to inspirate them to come in April
    – give presentation to the eco’s so the know what happend in the tig
    – time to share some ideas how we can reach out others


    There should be a clear template for September/apr meetings. A call for presentations, workshops should be done from the board and be open from 1st dec-15jan.
    Editorial-group. Conference-committee. Presentations for the theme and also more academic papers or presentations should fit the theme and also close to teacher education.
    Pree-tig meetings online to be better prepared for the Sep-meeting or the Apr-conference. The hosting university could also present the uni here. The speech should frame theme, inspirational and have a didactic approach. Best if someone from the university speak.
    All presenters should write a short article/abstract to the ETEN-page.
    We would like someone from the Dinner on Friday.
    GA online.
    New members taken care of in a better way.
    All needs for the TIG for next years conference to the hosting university.


  5. Dear Mats,

    In Brno you asked us to email you the outcomes of our Walk&talks about future conferences and meetings.
    The group of Tineke (HVA Amsterdam), Linda (Latvia) and myself (Inholland) talked about the following:

    Vienna, april meeting:
    Ask questions in the forum, prior to the conference. What would you like to know from each other? What would you like to share?

    Share good practices
    Earsmus + experiences? Looking for partners?
    What do you offer?
    Coil experiences
    How to involve your collegues?
    We would like it to be about exchanges/sharing

    Sessions TIG and ECO not only parallel, because we would like to visit both…

    September meeting in …Taiwan??
    Only 2,5 days: we will all suffer from jetlag
    Small group? Ask in advance who is thinking about going…

    But if we (all) go:
    Let’s expand the program with schoolvisits, experience the schoolsystem, offer a good program
    Blended meetings with people who can’t join, online.

    Elise Perrels and I enjoyed our first ETEN conference. Especially the last part in wich every institute presented its exchange program. This was very useful to us.
    We went home inspired!

    Hope to see you in april!

    Best regards,

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Esther Windhorst

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