See you in Nürnberg – updated Januari 20´

Annual Conference
of the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN)
“Teacher Education – Connecting Glocal”
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
13 – 15 April 2023

The university (FAU) was founded in 1743 and named in honor of its founder Margrave Friedrich von Bayreuth and its patron Alexander von Ansbach und Bayreuth. FAU has since developed into the largest University in Northern Bavaria including five faculties and  38.000 students enrolled in 265 degree programs at the university locations Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg.

FAU is with more than 5.000 students in teaching degree programs the third largest teacher training institution in Bavaria and offers courses for various subjects and school types (primary school, secondary modern school, middle school, grammar school, vocational school) across four faculties. The ETEN conference will take place at FAU Campus Regensburger Straße in the City of Nuremberg.

The conference title “Teacher Education – Connecting Glocal” refers to the closely interconnected global and local dimensions in teacher education that have become even more obvious with respect to the challenges of the 2020‘s such as the pandemic, political conflicts, digitalization and sustainability. The goal of the conference is to explore opportunities for cooperation through international as well as local connections by connecting local researchers and other partners in teacher education with ETEN members for future exchanges, joint projects etc.

The call for papers is organized by the Thematic Interest Groups (TIGs) of ETEN and can be found on the ETEN website: Link . The deadline for submissions is the 1st of February 2023.

ETEN Konferenz 2023 – Program Overview 19.12.2022.pdf

Conference fee, cancellation policy, travel and hotels – Link

(Number of participants limited)

Step 1: Follow the registration link and complete the registration form.
Step 2: You will receive an automatic confirmation for your data transfer.
Step 3: Within the next days, you will receive an invoice with the payment deadline.
Step 4: Transfer the payment according to the invoice.
Step 5: After receipt of your payment, you will receive the confirmation of registration.

ERASMUS: Participants for this workshop should inquire with the International Office of their home university, if they can be funded for an Erasmus STT Training mobility. This does not require an Inter-institutional Erasmus agreement between universities, but only a so-called Mobility Agreement for training. If you plan to come via ERASMUS STT please write a short request for an ERASMUS STT inviation (in the headline of the e-mail) for the dates of the ETEN workshops including your name, surname, e-mail, the university you are coming from and the country. Once you have registered for the ETEN workshop, FAU International Office will send you the link to the online registration form for Erasmus staff trainings at FAU in March.

Conference location and contact
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Research and Teaching Unit Diversity Education
and International Educational Research
Regensburger Str. 160
90478 Nürnberg

The ETEN Conference 2023 at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is co-financed by the project “FAU Teacher Education International”. The project “FAU Teacher Education International” is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The new board: Michael Roemer, Linda Pavlitova, Astrid de Keizer, Mats Johnsson and Mikkel Högsbro

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