The board

The Board of ETEN represents our Network in external matters, coordinates internal affairs between meetings, and organizes the ECO/TIG Leader meeting each September and each April conference.

Board members are elected by the ETEN Co-ordinators (ECOs) for two-year terms. Every full member institution has one ECO and one vote for the elections. To avoid a complete change of the Board, one year the ECOs elect two Board members and the other year they elect three Board members. Board members can be re-elected more than once.

Since April 2022
President: Mats Johnsson
Vice President: Astrid de Keize
Treasurer: Michael Roemer 
Board Secretary: Linda Pavitola 
TIGS Coordinator: Mikkel Høgsbro

ETEN Secretariat: Sigurd Rimmelzwaan (appointed position)

Mats Johnsson
​Faculty of Teacher Education
Malmö University
Malmö, Sweden
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Astrid de Keizer
Astrid de Keizer, Co-Leader
Lector life philosophy, Identity and Diversity
Leiden University of Applied Sciences,
​Faculty of Education
The Netherlands
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Linda Pavitola

Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Social Work
Liepaja University
Liepaja, Latvia
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Michael Roemer, Ph.D.
Director of Global Education
Trinity Valley School
7500 Dutch Branch Road
Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.
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Mikkel Høgsbro
Lecturer of drama and innovation
Department of social education and pedagogical studies
University College Copenhagen, UCC
Humletorvet 3, 1799 København V
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ETEN Secretariat
Sigurd Rimmelzwaan
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Mats Olsson
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