About this site

ETEN journal is the main platform of the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN). You will find information about all kinds of activities that take place within the network. If you want to know more about ETEN and its history, ETEN journal is the place to be

We have an academic (peer reviewed) journal called JETEN. A journal of which Michel Hogenes is the editor. You´ll find more than 100 articles published here. Professional articles that don’t specifically meet the academic standards can be published at ETEN journal.

ETEN journal is also used as a tool for the organisation of our annual conferences and September meetings. You can find all documents related to these conferences and meetings here.

The ETEN organisation consists of more than 60 universities! There are great possibilities to build bridges across the world. We hope to encourage all kinds of student and staff mobility, both physically and digitally. Let’s use ETEN journal to connect students and teachers in many ways.

Do you have any questions – or even better – do you want to contribute to this platform in any way, please contact me!

Mats Olsson – mail

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