Creative Storytelling

Aims and vision of the TIG:
In the Creative Storytelling-TIG we focus on the huge and widespread variety of uses and didactical possibilities of creative storytelling with all kinds of stories and narratives in education. The vision is hereby to disseminate an insight in and to understand the meaning and didactical importance of the field of creative storytelling in education – at all levels.

Format of the sessions:
All kinds of workshops, papers, presentations, power points, videos, digital storytelling-sessions, stop-motion and animations examplifications, slide show presentations, promotion of reports, story-telling-exercises, drama-programs, music-experiments, creative writing, narration-through-arts etc. are warmly welcomed in the Creative Storytelling-TIG. Especially if the contributions make us play and laugh….
We also encourage the TIG-participants to participate through both days at the concerence.

As in previous ETEN-conferences, these contributions are expected to open up for both theoretical and practical discussions and reflections about the various kinds of educational and didactical experiences possible. In other words: we explore and share good teaching practice.

ETEN conference, Nürnberg, Germany
April 13-15, 2023
Call for papers and and presentations deadline, Februari 1´

TIG leader, Mikkel Høgsbro
UCC, Dept of Social Education,
Humletorvet 3, 1799 Copenhagen, DK

Co-TIG-leader. Ola Henricsson
​​(email click here)
Phd student in Pedagogical Work, Gothenburg, Sweden

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