Special Education Needs

Aims and vision of the TIG:

  • To discuss and compare different practices and experiences of dealing with Special Education Needs (SEN), Inclusion and Diversity in different countries;
  • To share and promote the teaching of SEN in Teacher Training;
  • To publish results of research, articles and reports of activities; and
  • To share examples of best practices in connection with students with special needs and their families.

Format of the sessions:
Short presentations (30 to 45 minutes and a 15 minute discussion) and workshops with active participation will outline the programme of the TIG seminars. Presentations on the special topic will be planned on Friday and presentations on all topics in the field of SEN will be planned on Saturday morning. In addition to  the presentations, a school visit will be planned on Friday morning. 

Topic for next conference:
Special Education: Philosophies of Inclusive Education. Please also consider the theme for this year’s conference: Human Rights in Education. The Human Right to Education, and how your presentation etc. can relate to it.

ETEN conference, Nürnberg, Germany
April 13-15, 2023
Call for papers and and presentations deadline, Februari 1´

After this time limit, you are – as always – welcome to contact the TIG leader.

Uffe Lund
University College UCC

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