Interview question

This is my plan for creating content! Informal podcasts or zoom talks would be nice, but it works fine if people with valuable experiences write their own stories! Please consider these questions to be just a rough  draft – I´m looking for a relaxed conversation!
Mats Olsson

Are you interested? Please contact Mats

  • Please provide a brief description of yourself.
  • Please provide a brief bio of your current professional role.
  • Tell me something (personal?) about yourself!
  • What are your interests (in an out of your professional realm)?
  • How did you get involved with ETEN?
  • Do you have any good experiences/memories about ETEN which you would like to share?
  • Has your engagement in ETEN affected your personal life?
  • What is the value of the network for your institution and students?
  • How do you think we can develop JETEN/
  • Plans for the future?

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