2015 editorial

In April of 2014, the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN) held is 24th Annual

conference—The Concept of “Bildung” in Teacher Education—in Leipzig, Germany. While

bildung may be loosely translated as education or formation, it is more accurately an intersecting

nexus between education and philosophy, self and society, mind and heart, personal and cultural,

maturation and transformation. Such a word, however, requires that we each speak at least a little

German as it says more in its native tongue—bildung—than it ever can in translation.

Like the conference, the Journal of ETEN (JETEN) fosters an international discussion of

research in education and the preparation of teachers, as well as intellectual and academic

exchanges among educators, students and institutions through the dissemination of JETEN and

the ongoing work of ETEN. Comprised of refereed papers from the conference, this tenth

volume of JETEN houses a selection of 15 articles from 9 of the 12 the Thematic Interest Groups

(TIGs: Arts Education; Democracy, Religion & Culture; Educational Technology;

Internationalization; Mathematics Education; Reflective Practice; Science Education;

Technology, Teaching & Learning; and Urban Education)1. The authors represent schools,

professional institutions, and universities from Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Taiwan,

The Netherlands, and The United States of America.

As the Editorial Board, we gratefully acknowledge the work of the TIG Leaders, who

organized the conference sessions and selected the best articles for submission to the peer review

process. Each article was blind-reviewed by three referees and the selected articles then revised

as requested. We also offer our sincere gratitude to the referees, who carefully reviewed

manuscripts and provided critical feedback to the authors.

March 31, 2015

Editorial Board

1 The other conference TIGs are: Movement Activities, Health & Outdoor Learning; Myths & Fairytales

and Special Needs.

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