The Value of a Bachelor Thesis

Mart Ottenheim


Alumni of the college of education of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, were asked via Facebook to fill a questionnaire how they valued their bachelor thesis. They were asked how they used it in their work or in follow-up studies; what skill they still apply and what skills were lacking.  They were asked how they felt about their thesis and if the thesis should be replaced by something else. Mostly the alumni were content and felt proud when thinking about their thesis. Negative feelings were also reported. The attitude towards doing research was moderate and most alumni would not want to replace the thesis. Suggestions to improve the thesis concentrated on the supervision of the project although in general the alumni were content about their supervision. Interpreting student test results, formal writing, and finding literature were put forward as skills still used in work or study. The results are interpreted within the Dutch Colleges of Education system. The Dublin descriptors are apparently met and many practical changes suggested by the alumni have already been made in the curriculum. Thesis supervisors need to be alert and in constant interaction with each other to uphold the quality of the supervision. 


Alumni, bachelor thesis, education

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