Journal of the European Teacher Education Network
2014, Vol. 9

The ninth volume, now published, is the second volume of the JETEN online version
and corresponds to the scientific output resulting from communications presented
during the 23nd Annual ETEN Conference held in Hasselt, Belgium in April 2013.
This volume marks the beginning of a new editorial board of the journal, which
proposes to continue the vision already outlined by the previous editorial board. That
is, we aim for a growing affirmation of the journal to promote the dissemination and
discussion of research in education and the preparation of teachers to provide the wide
range of research, cooperation and exchange among institutions, students and teachers.
The volume that is now published includes fifteen articles from most of the Thematic
Interested Groups (TIGs): one article from Arts Education; two from Democracy,
Religion and Culture; one from Internationalization; three from Mathematics
Education; three from Reflective Practice; four from Science Education; and one from
Urban Education. These articles are of various kinds identifying some convergence in
discussing aspects related with the theme of the conference, Education designed for
all. Collectively, they reflect the quality of work done by the TIGs during the
conference, which, in turn, represents the diverse ETEN institutions. This publication
also promotes our looking forward to and learning more about the research and
development work that goes on ETEN.
All of the manuscripts submitted to JETEN have gone through a careful peer review
process by three referees, who have reviewed the texts and provided constructive
The editorial board would like to present the sincere recognition to all the authors and
to acknowledge the work of all referees whose comments and insights have
contributed to the scientific quality of JETEN.
March 31, 2014
The Editorial Board

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