EGE University (Turkey) is looking for partners who are interested to participate within an Erasmus project

Title: Designing a Technology-Enhanced Climate Change Education Curriculum (TeCCh-Ed)

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to design a technology-enhanced climate change education curriculum for teacher education programs.

(1) To design a technology-enhanced climate change education curriculum for teacher education programs,
(2) to design a digital learning platform for teacher educators, (3) to increase teacher educators’ technological pedagogical content knowledge self-efficacies.

Intellectual Outputs:
IO1- Curriculum- We will design a technology-enhanced climate change curriculum for teacher education programs.
IO2- Electronic-Book- Based on the curriculum we will design lesson plans for teaching different aspects of climate change.
IO3- Digital Learning Platform: We will design a digital learning platform for teacher educators. Teacher educators (faculty members working at colleges of education) will study this program to learn about the curriculum.
IO4- Pilot study: In a two-day learning teaching training activity, we will train a total of 12 faculty members (3 from each partner university) working at partner universities about the curriculum (IO1) and the digital platform (IO3). We will equip these faculty members with knowledge and skills so that they teach the curriculum and the platform to at least 15 other faculty members in their institutions, possibly online.

Common Responsibilities for all Partners
1- Select 3 participants from your universities to participate in a Learning Teaching Training activity.
2- Make sure that those 3 participants are running a ‘training of trainees’ event with at least 15 faculty members (teacher educators)
3-Contribute to the dissemination plan and data collection.
4-Hosting a project meeting (I am thinking about hosting a kick-off and a final meeting at Ege University. There will also be an LTT event followed by a project meeting and one another project meeting that needs to be hosted. We can further discuss the details)
5-Hosting multiplier events

So far, we have 4 partners with expertise in
1-Ege University, Turkey: Science education, professional development, technology integration
2-Bitlis Eren University, Turkey: Development of digital learning platforms
3-University of Malta, Malta: Climate change education concerning sustainability.
4-Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem, Czechia: Environmental education

If interested, please contact Firat Sarsar:

Thanks, best wishes,
Firat Sarsar, PhD
Associate Professor | Fulbright Fellow
Ege Üniversity Instructional Technology Coordinator
Director of Ege University Distance Learning Application and Research Center
Vice-Director of Ege University Continuing Learning Center
Head of Informatics Department
Ege University | Faculty of Education
Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology

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