ETEN COIL – Agenda First of December 16.00-17.00 (Danish time)

Dear International colleagues!
Thank you for attending the ETEN COIL on the First of December.
We are looking forward seeing you all!

We have made a draft on the Break-out rooms. You can still sign up here in the commentary field here.

final -COIL BREAK OUT ROOMS without emails (30.11)

Some of you are placed in an open room, let me know if you want to change to a specific subject/theme?


Topic: Coil – ideas and experiences

Time: Dec 1, 2020 04:00 PM Stockholm

Meeting ID: 624 9188 8725

AGENDA of December first.

Plenum :
• Welcome – introduction to the agenda for the meeting ( 5 min)

Breakout rooms (45 min)

• Introduce you self in the Break-out room. What is your interest in a COIL. Former experience
• Tell about your idea with a future COIL (Theme/subject/ Didactic/target group/Dates/Platform)
• Will there be possible COIL partners in the Break-out room for a future COIL?
• Decide the next step – how to be in contact for the future collaboration
• If you are in a Breakout room and wish to change room, write to Annette Bruun (, we will transit you to another room

Open Break-out room-for ETEN colleagues who do not know for sure, what theme/subject they will collaborate about, but wants to talk about and learn more about COIL in general.

• Sum up – What else can we do as a network to support you?
• Send you COIL program and experiences to Mats Olsson – to learn and share knowledge at and discuss at a future meeting (10 min).

You can also add your reflections directly as a comment on this post!

Annette Bruun

P.S. Read more about COIL here!
P.S.S. I´ve created a password protected subpage for information not ment to be public. You will recieve the password during the meeting or by mail.
P.S.S. Collaborative Online International Learning, a good practice – by Eva Faes and Bie Dirkx

Some project ideas!
pdf Online project Angel


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  1. How can I register for this session? I do not see myself listed in there or any of my colleagues? I did attend the last meeting and I need to know how to register for the upcoming one. Thanks


    • I believe there have been mail invitations, but see no problems if we use this commentary function for late registration.

      Perhaps you will be assigned to an open room (without theme)? Or added to an of the existing groups.

      Annette will give information here!


  2. Are you interested in another meeting in Januari? Sign up here!


  3. We try co collect questions and answers here!



      I wrote this when you all had the meeting on the 1st of December 2020, I was encouraged by Mats O. to write to you here:

      Here are my notes. I haven’t come far in my reflections, since I wanted to meet you first and hopefully find a partner among you. Please let me know if someone finds the topics remotely interesting and I am looking forward to reading the minutes for the meeting and hopefully hook up with a partner through there.

      I apologize for my English, I am usually more eloquent: 😊

      I belong to the ‘special needs group’
      exceeding the marginalization of different sub-groups in society
      (and how to discuss this w the students)
      Perhaps let them research a target group and then tell the class – we will talk about different approaches to overcome marginalization and exclusion – such as having a person with disability in every class room from kindergarten or visiting places where persons with disability lives or… perhaps we as teachers have experience and7or researched different sub-groups? Or have different ideas about how to include marginalized groups in a school setting?

      I think the students will be very interested in hearing how people w disability are viewed and how society ‘handles’ these different sub-groups. However the theme should also have to do with something that is relating to what they are interested in at the moment.

      I think a possible COIL interaction class (and perhaps we could repeat) could be on a class I am giving about target groups in general (SK1) and about communities and how to “get in” (SK2).

      I work mostly with Zoom but I can work with teams as well. It has been a while since I used skype. We could make videos to present to the students to see before/under/after attending class or we could be online simultaneously….?
      I like being able to ask questions and discuss things further – it could be a combination?

      I do not have the exact dates yet, but it would be around (mid) march-april-(beginning of) may. I am open to another time vice-versa.

      I wish you all the best of meetings and I hope to talk to you at a later date. Have fun everybody!

      Kindly Aubree



    This afternoon (wednesday the 18th of December 2020) interested colleagues came together to discuss the opportunities in participating in a COIL-project. Some experienced colleagues said that with a large amount of planning and a common field of interest the students find it very enriching to interconnect through these COIL-projects. Many examples were discussed such as a dancing video project where the students were interpreting a way of dancing into their own cultural style and a childrens book review that led to a discussion about what you can write in a children’s book – can the main character for instance be criminal and use foul language and drugs or should he/she be the ideal role model?

    These are perspectives that are hard to establish without the difference in opinion or differences and similarities across culture.
    We also discussed the didactics of these COIL-projects and the common purpose to connect across countries in spite of the current global situation. We are all very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to establishing partnerships with likeminded internationally oriented fellow colleagues for the next semester.

    By the way I am still looking to find someone, who is interested in special needs and/or online teaching to discuss a possible COIL with! So please do not hesitate to e-mail me:

    Looking so much forward to meeting you online at the ETEN conference hopefully.

    Kindly Aubree – participant in the Danish meeting about COIL


  5. I ofcourse mean wednesday the 16th of December 2020 😉


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