Race and the Pandemic – read the blog

Last semester, I took a course of the Master of Anthropology program at KU Leuven with the title “Race, ethnicity and the postcolonial condition” and taught by Professor Nadia Fadil. I chose this as an activity of professional development because I am doing an UCLL applied research project on decolonizing the higher education curriculum together with colleague Norma Juarez. This course has been helping me to build a deeper (interdisciplinary) understanding of a complex issue.

One of the assessment assignments of this course was writing a blog with a group of international students. Together with 9 students I engaged in the theme “Race and the pandemic”. Our research question: How does race emerge as a class in a pandemic? It deals with the structural dimension of race and racism. (It does not deal with decolonisation of education here.)

You can read small articles on the impact of the pandemic on different minority groups concerning a range of topics. I wrote two articles about education and there are also two contributions on student mobility from another student. I thought especially these four blog entries might be interesting for you.

I would like to share our learning with you, ETEN colleagues, and I look forward to your thoughts about it :


Karine Hindrix

UC Leuven-Limburg

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