A festival to celebrate the life and legacy of Sir Ken Robinson

Join us for Imagine if… a week-long, online celebration of the life and work of Sir Ken Robinson Phd. Sir Ken passed away in August 2020, and he leaves behind him an incredible legacy for us all to continue.

The event will champion our diversity of talents through performances, talks, discussions, and of course videos of Sir Ken himself.

Our event has two components – March 1st – 3rd: the Imagine If… fringe festival featuring a range of third party organised celebrations, and March 4th: Sir Ken’s birthday will be the official Imagine If… broadcast event. Please stay tuned for the official line-up.

At its core, Imagine if… will act as a launchpad for everyone who is dedicated to continuing Sir Ken’s work.


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  1. Sir Ken. Robinson has been my guru and leading star for many years. I will miss his commitment and dedication regarding reforming education. I know that many of my ETEN-friends also share my admiration of this remarkable man. After meeting him in person at a conference in Stockholm many years ago he has ever since that been my and my students greatest source of inspiration. His TED-talk, Changing education paradigms has been seen by almost 2,5 million viewers. https://www.ted.com/talks/sir_ken_robinson_changing_education_paradigms
    In his wonderful book “Creative schools” you can not only read about his criticism on how education is conducted but also read about creative ideas on how to solve problems and fantastic examples on how teachers and school leaders have worked towards a better school for all.
    Now take the chance to engage and take part in Imagine if……….
    Mats Johnsson President of ETEN


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