ECO/TIG-leader meeting

There will be no more Zoom today!

Friday 23/09

 ECO/TIG-leader meeting Theme:
9.00 – 11.00General Assembly Meeting (GAM) according to separate agenda – incl coffee break.
11.00 (ish) – 12.00Muni ped presentation Masaryk
13.00 – 16.30   2 rooms ECOs in room 50   TIG-Ls in the Dean’s roomBrainstorming on the future improved September meeting format. ECOs and TIG-leaders in analog breakout rooms Plenary discussion MJ and MH   Introducing the new digital ETEN-platform. Brainstorming: ECOs and TIG-Ls together in random breakout rooms. Plenary discussion MJ and MO   If time: Prepare for the content of the 2022 April Conference. ECOs and TIGs in separate groups.
Link to questions for the afternoon

Link to questions – part 2

Saturday 24/09

 ECO/TIG-leader meeting Theme
8.45 – 11.00 Incl coffee breakWork on the new September meeting format KH and DV with the ECO’es AdK and MJ with the TIGL’s   Plenary discussion
11.15 – 12.30Presentation of partner institutions’ international programs.   TIGLs can join this part of the meeting – or network.

Message from Mats!
Dear ECOs and administrators
I want to put “exchanges” posts in the priority cathegory – this means they will show up in the left column (right now it’s JETEN and conferences).

But I need some good examples. So can you please send my something nice! 
In the spreadsheet we try to keep it short – but here it’s possible to brag (well..) and introduce yourself ((with picture)
Looking forward to lots of material!

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