Who is Thomas Schrei?

The next ETEN conference will take place in Vienna 2022. Let´s meet one of the enthusiasts in the organisation group!

Thomas Schrei is a man with many interests and a huge engagement in the questions of integration and diversity.

Read the article: Vision versus reality in a multiage class from an international perspective – by Maya Shalom, Ela Luria, Thomas Schrei, and Cahit Shaham

Please listen to the interview!

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  1. Thank you Thomas for this nice presentation, Wonderful picture. I am looking so much forward to visit KPH (again) and to the first ETEN conference in two years. Thank you for hosting the ETEN conference.

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  2. Great to hear your enthusiasm and planning for 2022. Also very nice to listen to your background.
    All the best for April 2022👍


  3. Thank you Thomas! Our colleagues are very excited about the program.
    We’re looking forward to visit KPH and Vienna.


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  1. See you in Vienna April 21-23, 2022 – updated! – ETEN Journal

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