More Urban material!

We did something new in the TIG. We did a citywalk in the urban area’s of Vienna (4, 5 and 10the district).

During this Urban- tour we want you to have a closer look at the neighbourhood you are walking through. Children grow up in the area they live in and this also might have an effect on their upbringing. The urban area has a lot to offer, often in a sense of economic, social and cultural capital. On the other hand the population in the urban environment is dense, which might effect space, (traffic) safety and an abundance of green areas.

Our TIG is called Urban Education. During the workshops we discuss the Educational perspective, but we would like to also focus more on the Urban perspective by truly visiting the cities’ neighbourhoods who have welcomed us. In the upcoming years we will visit many cities during the ETEN conference. By also visiting some of the neighbourhoods, we could have a good sense of the urban reality of that city and how children grow up in their neighbourhoods.


Dr. Elona Limaj
Title: Gender disparity in Albanian education system-teacher’s challenges
From: Dr. Gilberta Hadaj, Dr. Elona Limaj, and Assoc. Prof. Aida Dama (Albania)
Nele Willems
Title: Sense of belonging: how to create space for multiple perspectives on (im)material cultural heritage in education
From: Nele Willems (Belgium)
Dr. Demelask Kassaye
Title: Issues of Child Right as Reflected in the School Environment: the Case of Selected Kindergarten and Primary Schools in Bhardar, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia
From: Dr. Comdr. Demelash Kassaye (Ethiopia)

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