The history of ETEN #4

Meet Carl-Jörgen Bindslev! Page 31-44

The beginning
His first meeting with ETEN was in Copenhagen in 1994, at his own Højvangseminariet where he was the Dean. Associate Professor Astrid Sødring Jensen had been contacted by her colleague from Viborgseminariet in Denmark, Inger Bentsen, who had asked if she thought that the management of Højvangseminariet would be interested in becoming part of this European teacher and pedagogue education network. Carl-Jørgen and his colleague, Research and Development manager Peter Mikkelsen, were certainly interested. The result was that ETEN – as a friendly gesture – held a meeting for its Exchange Co-ordinators (ECO’s) at Højvangseminariet in Copenhagen, which Carl-Jørgen and Peter appropriately could attend.

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