The history of ETEN #10

Page 142-162

In chapter six some of the ETEN Icons spoke about ‘the ETEN family’. Many new colleagues who participate in an ETEN meeting for the first time had to switch references, because ETEN is not a ‘normal network’ but a network in which people feel very welcome from the start and in which everyone is friendly and open towards each other. This makes it very nice to work together but, also, as Alice Hindsgavl Buhrmann said in her testimonial: “It’s much more than a business matter when you trust the friend at the other end of an email and when you send out students for study exchanges or internships.”
After all the meetings, sharing knowledge, concluding bilateral contracts and setting up projects, it is traditionally during the September meetings and the ETEN annual conferences on Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening it’s time to have a good time together and undertake all kinds of activities. Read the full story in the book!

This serie ends here. ETEN doesn’t.

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