Before the conference

I am Mats Olsson, the webmaster of (not the president, Mats Johnsson). This message is for the participants of the upcoming conference in Nürnberg.

My plan is to fill Etenjournal with material from the sessions and social activities. But I need help, lots of help. I try to give some examples!

A teaser before your presentation? We can update it with documents (preferably .pdf) and continue the discussions online after the conference.

A portait of you, or some other interesting (aren’t we all?) ETEN member! I tried to start a serie – read for inspiration.

I think most of the activities will take place in the TIG:s. What parts would be interesting to share with those who could not make the trip to Nürnberg?

The history of your TIG?

Photos, films, sounds?

Please contact me if you have any ideas! Or share them in the facebook thread. I look forward to meet you in person!

Mail: tystatankar(at)

Categories: Conferences, Nürnberg 2023

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