Students’ Nature Relatedness – by Elly H. Tuset and Anikke Hagen

A presentation in the Movement, Play, Health, and Outdoor Learning TIG

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Background of our study

The study is carried out by The Research group:Sustainability, Nature, health and movement  at Faculty of Education and International Studies, Department of Early Childhood Education.

Name of the project: Outdoor Education in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Teacher Students’ Nature Relatedness

Project aim: To develop pedagogical content knowledge and student engaging teaching outdoors.

Research Question for the project: How can we work with our own teaching practices and the students’ awareness on their own nature relatedness and the choices they can do in their everyday practice?

Abstract ETEN 23

Students meaning making working with a survey on nature relatedness

The study is within the project Nature Relatedness, conductedat Oslo Metropolitan University. Participants in our study are 14 international students at the Erasmus course Play Movement Nature and Outdoor – Education – Nordic Childhood in spring 2021 and autumn 2021. Our study enquires into the student’s engagement and competences on issues about a sustainable future based on a survey on NatureRelatedness (Nisbet, et al, 2009).

Research questions:

How do students consider the claims in a survey about nature relatedness (students’ meaning making)? 

How do these students use concepts (from science or physical education) and/or personal experiences in their justificationfor position taken to claims in the survey?


Data: Audio recordings from three student groups (n4, n5 and n5) discussing eight claims from the NR-scale (Nisbet et al, 2009) and open questions from the Online survey on the NR-scale from whole classes. The qualitative data are analyzed by thematic content analysis, applying three criteria from conversation analysis: repetition, recurrence, and forcefulness.Further, we enquire into students’ use of concepts (from science or physical education).


We will present preliminary findings and discuss how we as teacher educators can develop our teaching practices to meet students’ epistemic, cultural, and social (diverse) prerequisitesand how our findings contribute to develop new knowledge on sustainability teaching.


Elly Herikstad Tuset, Assistent Professor

Anikke Hagen Associate, Professor

Faculty of Education and International Studies 

Department of Early Childhood Education

Oslo Metropolitan University 


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