Movement, Play, Health, and Outdoor Learning

Aims and vision of the TIG:
The vision of this TIG is the general promotion of play, learning, movement activities, health, and outdoor education in kindergartens, schools and Institutions of Higher Education, underlining the importance of movement on the whole person of the child. 

Topics for discussion are related to physical education, play, human development, outdoor education, play, learning through movement, and lifestyle

 The main intentions of the TIG: 

  • to share and analyze purposes, practices and experiences related to play, movement activities, health, and outdoor learning in kindergartens, schools, Institutions of Higher Education and other area’s such as home, playgrounds;
  • to motivate participants to engage in joint research and collaborative projects;
  • to publish research findings and reports of activities within the TIG area;
  • to use research findings in our professional work and to disseminate our work. 

Format for the papers: 

  • workshop/play or movement activities (usually about 40 min. plus 10 min. discussion)
  • interactive seminar (20 min. plus 10 min. discussion)
  • leading a discussion (20 min.)
  • presentation of paper (20 min. plus 10 min. discussion)
  • poster (10 min.)

Call for papers and proposals:
Send abstract to TIG leader before 1st of January. Send your maximum 300 words abstract to the TIG leader, Anne Bahrenscheer (EMAIL HERE)

Topic(s) for next conference
The Topics for the next conference will focus on issues related to play, play environment, outdoor activities and health.

TIG leader 
Anne Bahrenscheer (EMAIL)
Phone: +45 41897826 , +45 30625085

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