Science and Technology in the Digital Era

Aims and vision of the TIG:
The vision of the Science and Technology in the Digital Era, Thematic Interest Group (STDE – TIG) is to discuss the teaching and learning of science and technology and integrating digital competencies.

Depending on the country, the subjects, science and technology can be separated or connected with each other. The teaching of these subjects has both practical and theoretical elements. Practical elements include developing technical solutions, using digital tools or exploring nature. Theoretical elements include descriptions and explanation of events and understanding situations related to science and technology.

Despite some differences between the subjects a common objective seems to be literacy: scientific, technological and/or digital literacy. Therefore, it should be of major importance that the knowledge students acquires will prepare them for understanding, managing and evaluating science as well as all types of technology and the impacts on society.

This TIG is set up for teacher educators to examine and explore various ways of science, technology and digital teaching and learning in order to:

  1. Discover the differences and similarities in science and technology teacher training.
  2. Distribute current research-based information about the potential and challenges of the use of digital literacy in schools, in higher education, and in learning communities.
  3. Take advantage of each other’s unique knowledge in different fields of teaching about science and technology.
  4. Encourages European and cross-Atlantic research collaboration around science, technology and digital literacy in education.
  5. Create a network for teacher trainers/trainees in sciences and technology

Format of the sessions:
We like to work with a mix of:

  • Presentations of research or innovation projects with discussion or strong participation of the group
  • Workshops with theoretical and/or practical tasks
  • Posters

Topic(s) for next conference:
The objectives of the Science and Technology in a Digital Era Thematic Interest Group,  STDE-TIG are:

  • to discuss science, technology and digital literacy – how is it included in teacher education today and tomorrow
  • to exemplify knowledge in the field of science and technology by providing practical examples in a workshop.

Call for papers and other proposals:

ETEN conference, Nürnberg, Germany
April 13-15, 2023 Deadline 1st of February 2023

Submit your 300 word abstract plus bibliographic references to TIG leader, Ann Emonds

Abstract must include a Title, Author(s), Home Institute(s), Country, Email(s), and Text. Template for abstract

Maria Svensson
University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Ann Emonds
UC Leuven – Limburg

Txema Egaña     
Mondragon  University
Spain ​

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