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Aims and vision of the TIG:
This TIG was formed from the consolidation of three pre-existing TIGS: Democracy, Religion, and Ethics/ Professionalism. When this TIG was formed the common thread recognized among these three topics was that of values: how they interact and in how people see themselves and their roles, positions and responsibilities within subgroups and more broadly in society. The TIG and its topics are expansive; additional elements can be added to these topics such as diversity and community.

This TIG seeks to explore broad areas of the interaction between the individual and society and the balance beween personal rights and communal responsibilities. These are addressed within the context of education’s role to prepare people to interact actively, personally flourish, and contribute meanigfully in increasingly pluralistic societies. Overall, the TIG seeks to qualify and quantify education’s responses to the universal concern to establish both personal and collective balance as people, institutions and nations address challenges brought by internationalization and globalization.

The TIG actively solicits participation from those who have research to present or from those are involved with innovative practices, either in the formative stage for which they seek feedback or in a form from which they would like to present as evidence of validation.
Participation is solicited for presenters as well as for individuals interested in being active professional reviewers.

Format of the sessions:
Presenters are asked to address TIG participants in such a manner as to elicit active interactionand responses. The format is open to a wide range of presentation devices; most common is some type of visual display using a program such as PowerPoint in conjunction with an oral presentation. However, other presentation devices have been used in the past including activities outside the conference meeting spaces.

ETEN conference, Nürnberg, Germany
April 13-15, 2023
Call for papers and and presentations deadline, Februari 1´

Astrid de Keizer, TIG-leader
University of Applied Sciences,
The Netherlands

Ilse Hakvoort CO-TIG leader
Gothenburg university
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Topic(s) for next conference:
Diversity as  Resource

Call for papers and proposals: send abstract to TIG leader before 1st of December.

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