Urban Education

In Vienna 2022

Aims and vision Urban TIG
Urban Education refers to a wide range of issues related to living and working in urban settings. More specifically, it refers to issues concerning the education of children in inner cities from kindergarten through university. Heterogeneous cultures, ethnicities, ways of life, beliefs, and values characterize many urban communities.  While these attributes offer people many opportunities, they also present challenges to communities, families, children, and educators.

Current important issues in Urban Education include: the education of children whose ethnicity differs from the dominant society, the education of children living in poverty, the education of children who are not speakers of the dominant language in the society, how to encourage and support parental involvement, and the shortage of teachers in urban settings. Students in urban systems may need different types of support to assure their learning.  

Key characteristics of this TIG are the emphases on a local school visit, an open exchange and discussion of ideas and research, as well as the sharing of practical ideas for teaching in urban settings. The TIG always starts on the first day with a school visit followed by a discussion about the school visit. It is for these reasons that the number of papers presented at the annual conference is limited. 

Format for papers/presentations

  • The abstract of your presentation should be 500 words maximum.
  • Conference papers are 3000 to 4500 words in length, with authors bringing sufficient copies for distribution at the ETEN conference.
  • Following the presentation at the conference, papers are normally published in the Proceedings of ETEN.
  • Some papers may be submitted for publication in the Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN).

Formats of the sessions

  • Presentations with discussion and questions (40’)
  • Workshops (60’-90’, depending on content and approach)

The next annual conference will be in:

ETEN conference, Nürnberg, Germany
April 13-15, 2023 Deadline 1st of February 2023

Call for papers and and presentations deadline, Februari 1´

Rosa Rodrigues, leftside
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Nora Daoud, rightside
The Hage University of Applied Sciences

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