Editorial 2018


This is the 13th volume of the Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN) and the 6th volume online. We remind you that in the last two years, JETEN is registered on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). This provides JETEN to become more visible among other peer-reviewed journals, and it is also a scientific quality assurance contribution. 

The articles in this volume come from the European Teacher Education Network’s (ETEN) 27th Annual conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden in April 2017. The conference theme, “Building Bridges”, focused on encouraging collaboration between teachers and students, subjects and courses at institutions in different countries

Like the conference, JETEN promotes an international discussion of research in education and on the preparation of teachers, as well as intellectual and academic exchanges among educators, students, and institutions through the dissemination of JETEN and the ongoing work of ETEN. Comprised of refereed articles from the conference, this 13th volume contains a selection of twelve articles from six of the thirteen Thematic Interest Groups (TIGs), which are: Internationalisation–1; Mathematics Education–4; Movement Activities, Play, Health and Outdoor Learning–1; Reflective Learning and Teaching for Thinking–3; Teaching and Learning Science & Technology– 1; and, Urban Education–2. Out of all the proposals only two were rejected after the reviewers’ recommendations. The authors came from different educational institutions from eight countries: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom. 

As Editorial Board, we gratefully acknowledge the work of the TIG leaders who organized the conference sessions and make possible the existence of this journal by the oral presentations that occur within their TIG and that become the set of articles that we submit to the peer review process. Each proposal was blind-reviewed by a minimum of three referees and those accepted were then revised by the authors as requested. Finally, our sincere gratitude to the authors who submitted proposals to JETEN as well as to all the referees who carefully reviewed them and provided sound feedback to the authors. 

The Editorial Board 

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