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During the assembly meeting on the 23 of April Mats O. and Michel H. presented some of the ideas about the new plattform. The participants answered a questionnaire and we´d like to share and discuss the results here.

The form is still open – your thoughts are valuable! Link

  • We would like to extend the documentation on annual ETEN conferences!
    Do you have any suggestions for us?

It could be both description of activities and good teaching practice as well as academic presentations.
Mats: We´ll try to be open minded here! I believe the spirit of ETEN is to embrace different ideas and we want to show the deeper meaning of this here!

It would be great if presentations from the conference are available
Mats: Yes! Right now we are in a bit of limbo because we don´t know if the authors want us to publish their material. Some of them may want to wait until next year, and some of them might have found other journals for publishing. So we really need the help of TIG-leaders to clarify what´s possible to publish!

Include blogs per TIG under “Best Practices” for informal conversations
Mats: Absolutely! I had an adventurous plan to make make TIG-leaders and others able to write directly (It´s easy in a WordPress plattform to invite people in different roles (contributor/author/editor) and my optimistic ambition is to open up the site for linked blogs and discussions. 

But Not just (academic) articles, but video’s, big ideas, photo’s,… as well. As we want to use the ETEN knowledge in our classes.
Mats: I love the idea of keeping the site a bit adventurous and unpredictable, but right now it´s propably more important to show seriosity and usefulness.

Of course not everything can be posted.
Mats: I think the facebook group could be a perfect complement. But I can´t predict possible conflicts about content. I´d like this to be a generous place with great variety.

Best practices/summary with some slides, preferably not whole ptt because those are slides without context./
Mats: We could discuss the difference between “best practice” and “good practice”, but it´s important to spread inspiration, in every possible way.

Conference guide
Mats: Yes, it was my grandiose plan to collect all presentations on google drive and link them to an interactive conference guide(spreadsheet). Hopefully folks like to know what´s going on in the other TIGs.

We like to create activities that can take place between annual conferences! Do you have ideas about content and work forms?

I am happy with two moments (meeting & conference), more would be too much
Mats: I´m fully aware of the loads of work many people do already. ETEN should not be another bad conscience.

Board message once a month/two months
Mats: I hope the site will be a solid channel for fast information from the board. A regular newsletter?

Intensive projects for students, 2 weeks on a project
Mats: this kind of articles could encourage students to dare go into exchange programs and summer courses. It could be interesting reading in many ways. Perhaps link to student blogs?

Coming up events!
Mats: A calender is a great idea! And a possibility to publish invitations from the members!

Less academic.

Mats: I believe it´s a necessary to draw a strict line between the academic peer reviewed material in JETEN and the other parts of The very essence of ETEN is to combine research and practice in many different ways.
Mats: Very inspiring site – thanks!

Platform for examples of good practice of multi/bilateral ETEN partners
Mats: I love the idea. But I am totally dependent on people writing these stories!

Is it possible for TIGleaders and ECO:s to become contributors or authors directly?
Mats: Yes! is based on a WordPress plattform and I belive many people in the organisation could contribute directly. But I don´t want to be too pushy… Please contact me if you want to be invited!

Can we use this site to clarify the history of ETEN?
Mats: Yes, I´m planning to interview people. Please read more here!

Let´s keep the discussion going in the comment field!

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