The conference is cancelled – more information

Letter from Mats Johnsson (president of Eten)

Malmö 2020 03 24

Dear all,

I hope you are all well. We are all worried and full of questions these days, and we face a lot of new chellenges in our daily life right now. In work, using new technology trying to give our students all the best we can. Socially not beeing able to meet with near and dear ones.

Yesterday the ETEN-board held an extra meeting to officially postpone the ETEN conference, 2020 in Esbjerg until next year, 22 – 24 of April 2021. There are several reasons for postponing. One major issue is the economic circumstances. Another is that all the planning was already in place and could easilly be moved to next year. 

There will be a full refund from Esbjerg in due time. The work with that starts this week.

The planned conferences in the future need to move one year forward.

We still need to meet for the GA, ECO/TIG-leader meeting 2020 as planned April 23. This will be done in Zoom. Further instructions for this meeting will follow soon. If you have plans to run for the board, please send an e-mail to It is of great importance that you attend this meeting especially for voting.

The is up and running. Please have a look if you already haven´t. There will be more information about the Etenjournal during the meeting in April. The Etenjournal host also the JETEN. Michel Hogenes is the new editor for JETEN. Mats Olsson from Malmö University runs the Etenjournal. Thank you both for the good work already done. Michel and Mats give the opportunity to present already this year in JETEN and Etenjournal if you wish so. They will give you more information about this.

Perhaps we could use the Etenjournal right now to share good practise in teaching on-line. If you have good examples and experiences you would like to share, please contact Mats Olsson and he will post it on Etenjournal.

On behalf of the ETEN-board

Warm regards

Mats Johnsson

Letter from Mette Ernlund (UC SYD)

ETEN Conference  2020

Dear all,

The ETEN Board together with UC SYD have decided to cancel this year’s ETEN Conference because of the situation regarding the Corona virus.

We’ll inform all registered participants as soon as possible about a potential refund of the registration fee as well as the date and venue for next year’s conference.

Please consult your own insurance or travel agent regarding refunds for expenses for flights or accommodation.

Venlig hilsen / best regards,

Mette Ernlund (MEER)

Head of International Department, PhD


International Department

+45 7266 2042 |

Degnevej 16, DK-6705 Esbjerg Ø

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