Letter from the president!

Dear ETEN colleagues and friends,

Most of us is now facing the end of a rather spectacular and challenging semester. We now deserve a good rest to recharge the batteries.

Thank you for the good and active participation in the on-line GA in April. To highlight a couple of positive things thus we can´t act and meet as normal.

JETEN is on our new platform  https://etenjournal.com/ , all material from the past is there nicely packed and sorted by Mr Mats Olsson. Etenjournal is now our channel for activities in between conferences and meetings. Our new JETEN-Editor Dr. Michel Hogenes worked very hard during the spring and has 4 new peer reviewed articles in the pipeline for the fall. Well done Michel.

A couple of good initiatives are developing despite or due to the Corona. Read more about COIL in the enclosed document. Link

The September meeting in Brno is postponed to 2021. The September meeting at CYUT in Taiwan will then be in 2022. More information will follow as soon as possible.

There will be a shorter on-line “September meeting” September 23 at 15.00 Amsterdam time. Please save the date and time. A Zoom-link will be sent out. 

Please follow and contribute to  https://etenjournal.com/, small or big doesn´t matter. Write and share your experiences teaching online. We all need new input and inspiration. Send to Mats Olsson tystatankar@gmail.com and he will post in the Etenjournal.

The board and myself wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday

Mats Johnsson

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