Invitation COIL Copenhagen!

Dear ETEN friends

I hope you are all good and safe. Everything is fine in Denmark, slowly opening and getting back to almost normal 😊

Thank you for this initiative, it has been in my mind since our ECO and TIG-leader on-line meeting in April – but we have been quite busy.

Yesterday the Head of my Department: Early childhood and Social Education, agreed that COIL must be a main focus in the Autumn semester, so good   – first step

Yes we very much interested in COIL projects om Early childhood education

Keywords: Childhood. The history of childhood. Kindergarten curriculum. Development of the child. Children well-being.

Play and creativity. Learning and formation. Literacy. Language. Communication. Intercultural meetings and competences.

Activities and didactics. Nature. Movement. Drama. Music. Art. Digital learning.

Dates: We will start this module week 39-48  (21st of September- 27th of November) and again week 49-4 (30rd of November- 4th of January)

It will be students from their 3rd semester – (then they can still plan to go abroad)

All my colleagues know how to use Zoom, Break out rooms etc. We will have support from our ICT department.

I hope to have the overview of colleagues who will join COIL project at the end of August. It would be good to have possible ETEN colleagues who would like to cooperate on COIL at that time.

When we had our on-line ETEN meeting I April, around 8-10 ETEN partners said that they would like to do a COIL. Would you like me to send you their names?

Have a wonderful summer, sorry that we are not going to meet in September, I miss our ETEN meetings and activities

Stay safe and happy

Big hug


Adobe SystemsAnnette BruunInternational coordinator and lecturerFaculty of Social Education, Social Work and AdministrationDepartment of Social EducationSocial Education, Fundamentals0045 41897830anb4@kp.dkUniversity College CopenhagenHumletorvet 31799 København

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