We´re still looking for content!

Writing could be scary!
Who will read this?
Is it remotely interesting for anyone else than me?
Am I serious (academic) enough?
Will they laugh at me?
Is my english perfect?

I´m editing the etenjournal.com and hope we could avoid some of these depressing questions. My ambition is to open up the site for more informal material. We could call it blogstyle, but it´s hard to describe what I really want before I´ve seen it. I love to be surprised and hope we will publish various kinds of material like: personal reflections, inspiring examples, angry debates, serious analysis, critical reviews – you name it!

If you´ve already published it somewhere else, we could republish it on etenjournal.com, or just link to the site with a comment. But we prefer original material. Hopefully with some connection to the ETEN spirit.

Perhaps you could help us get this serie of portraits rolling? https://etenjournal.com/portraits/

So – do not hesitate! Send your material and make my day (year)!

I promise eternal gratitude and a small beer when we meet!

Mats Olsson


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