What will happen in Esbjerg?

Dear ECO’s and TIG leaders
Dear ETEN friends,

We hope you are all well, despite all the restrictions because of COVID-19.
Change of online teaching, change of schedules, working online in the kitchen, living or if you’re lucky your home-office.
Who even might have thought, when we had to postpone the annual conference in 2020 in Esbjerg, that we this year still are facing the same problem.
The sad news is that the virus still runs around but the good news is the vaccine, who gives us hope for this year 2021
New possibilities of meeting each other, holding each other and traveling.

The board have had several online meetings; and so we had this last Monday and Tuesday January 11 and 12. Subject, mostly the annual conference 2021.
We discussed two options.
Plan A and plan B.
Plan A
Annual conference in Esbjerg with the opportunity of a blended conference.
Which means that Esbjerg, in case that at least 70 members can come/participate, will have the conference at the University College South Denmark (UC SYD) including the online possibilities for those who can’t travel. Decision on this by March 1 from the organizer. At the moment 60+ has already applied. So please sign up to make the conference possible.
Plan B
Online annual conference if there is less than 70 signed up for the conference in Esbjerg.
Which means no traveling to Esbjerg but there will be an online TIG and ECO meeting Thursday April 22.
A one-day conference Friday April 23.
Friday a keynote speaker, the possibility of presentations, workshops in a multidisciplinary setting.
Maybe two or three parallel tracks at the same time. Moments to meet each other online etc.
We understand it won’t be the real ETEN feeling but we also realize that no annual conference at all will be no option. We do need to meet and see each other, even in a virtual way.
So, keep the dates of the annual conference blocked in your agenda!
The above is a suggestion from the board. If plan B needs to put in to use, we need “all hands-on deck”.
So, we ask you all kindly for some input, ideas, suggestions.
Please send your ideas and thoughts in short to Mats and Astrid before January 22.
After receiving your thoughts and ideas we will call for an online meeting. As you’ll all understand we do need to prepare by form a group that plan the online conference. There is a need to send out the call for papers if that is not already done. There is also a need to contact presenters and see if they can and are willing to present on-line.

Warm regards on behalf of the board,
Astrid de Keizer & Mats Johnsson, Mats.johnsson@mau.se keizer.de.a@hsleiden.nl

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  1. From Sigurd:

    Dear ECOs and TIG leaders,

    As you know, there are three possible scenarios for how the April Conference in Esbjerg could be organized.
    It is good to know that a registration fee only needs to be paid if you will be physically present.
    This means that online participants will not be charged.

    Kind regards,

    Sigurd Rimmelzwaan

    ETEN Secretariat

    European Teacher Education Network vzw
    Registered Office: Hertogstraat 178, 3001, Leuven, Belgium
    Enterprise No. 0708.961.914 / RPR Leuven
    ETEN vzw is VAT exempt as a non-profit organization under Belgian legislation

    E-mail: secretary@etenonline.org


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